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Ecovacs OZMO T8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - White

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- TrueDetect 3D technology
- New TrueMapping technology
- Virtual Boundary: Maintain your privacy and satisfy your cleaning needs by setting virtual boundaries in your home. With the ECOVACS Home App you can create virtual boundaries to restrict the robot from entering certain areas.
- High battery capacity
- OZMO™ Pro Mopping technology: With the new OZMO™ Pro system, the robot does not just vacuum and mop in one go – it also includes a mopping plate that is electrically powered and works with high-frequency vibration to deal better with stubborn stains.
- Automatic charging and continuous cleaning


Senses Everything. Cleans Everywhere.

DEEBOT OZMO T8 is the first vacuum and mopping robot with state-of-the-art TrueDetect 3D technology. With structured light technology and a 3D scanning algorithm, the robot scans surroundings extremely precisely and detects even the smallest obstacles in the room to avoid collisions, getting stuck or tangled. Equipped with brand-new TrueMapping technology, it maps your home with 4X the accuracy.* A deep clean with superior cleaning efficiency is ensured with ECOVACS powerful pressure-retention suction system as well as the new and unique OZMO™ Pro mopping technology that consists of a water tank with a high-frequency vibrating mopping plate, ideal for dealing with stubborn stains.  Enjoy a clean home for weeks.

*compared to DEEBOTs with standard laser navigation

*come with OZMO Pro Mopping system: The OZMO™ Pro Mopping System enables robots to deal with stubborn stains by using electrically powered high-frequency vibration that works 480/min, and a unique fine mopping mode comparable to an electronic mop. 1. Larger water tank: 240ml water tank for longer working time 2. Electronically controlled water pump: precisely control water flow at four different levels to avoid over damping or under damping the cleaning cloth while mopping 3. Mop detection sensors: automatically turns mopping mode on and off 4. Bacteria removal: OZMO™ Mopping System can remove over 99% of bacteria based on the test report from a Japanese testing agency 5. Disposable mopping cloth: It's convenient to use and change the disposable mopping cloth, instead of washing the washable mopping cloth repeatedly.

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